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The Ultimate marriage between Dance and Music. What originally began as a boutique Dance Studio in 1993, Stepping Out has developed into one of the most diverse studio facilities in the world today. In 2010, after careful consideration of the studios next chapter, Steve and Giesel Smith launched a plan to take their passions to the next level. Motivated to offer the highest quality mModern Artist facility, to include both Dance and Musical art-forms, they set out to build a creative space that offers Resident Instructors a place to call home while addressing both upcoming artist a place to record, choreograph, rehearse and advance their artistic careers.

Dance Studio

Our Dance studio is year around and doesn't have a start and finish like most Dance studios or City programs. Our students are placed in class first by age and then by ability. Our students will never be held back because of their age and will excel based on their own individual abilities. An instructor will evaluate each student and make the final determination for the appropriate class level. Class are structured for continual learning.

Join Us

Be sure to check out our Schedule and match your student to the age appropriate class. While walk in's are welcomed its best to Call us at 562.929.1050 to let us know your coming. If you plan on signing up, you may register online to get a jump start, arrive 15minutes early to go throught our Enrollment form, Rates, Policies, and Procedures.

Our City Classes

Our City classes are taught in sessions and each session repeats, a true introductory to dance. We encourage our students to take advantage of our studio by becoming a student. Our studio has annual recitals, participates in dance competitions, and performed in a variety of community functions throughout Southern California.

The Dancer

Quality instruction provided by a team of residential instructors. Offering dance instruction to ages 2 though adults. Each Residential instructor is well versed in their art-form. The Studio offers dance instruction in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Polynesian and more. Check out our Class descriptions for additional information.

The Learning Musician

For those who rather make people dance, the studio offers guitar, keyboard and vocal lessons. A new addition to musical learning is "How to write a song" where everybody who has ever desired to write a song, regardless of musical ability, will learn some of the different approaches to writing a hit song. This is taught as a group workshop, and each month the group will vote and produce a recorded finished product.

The Recording Artist

With our new addition of a full service recording studio we now offer solo artist and bands a place to record and rehearse at rock bottom prices for demos and the production of full blown albums. Be sure to check out what we have to offer in the Music department for the developing artist.

The Residential instructor

Are you an Instructor/cheorographer/previous studio owner in need of a place to call home? Our space is open to your skillset. Our Resident Instructors are experts in their artform. We provide space for our Residence to teach, rehearse, choreograph and conduct business, truely a place to call home. Call us at 562.929.1050 for information on our Resident Instructor program. Share your passion for the Arts @ Stepping Out.

The Jr Resident Instructor

Our Jr Resident program is geared for those who wish to teach under our guidence. Our program provides our Jr Instructors a place to call home while doing what they love. For those who are not ready to fully commit to our Residential Program we have an exceptional profit sharing program that is gear to launch your dance instruction career into high gear. Contact us at 562.929.1050 for more information.

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